Tips for The Helper

I do what I can to help people save money by making my instructions as easy to follow as possible. Anyone that has spent time doing the same can tell you that it takes a lot of time to do these things and help people that need it. I have no problem paying a professional to do things that need to be fixed, however, sometimes we simply do not have to the money to do so.

I am currently not employed and do odd jobs to keep things together. I do what I can to help others but could use any help you can give. If you feel that my videos or other instructions helped you, please send me a tip.

You can do so by going to PayPal and sending one to . I also have a Cash App account. 

You can also mail donations or gifts to:
  Robert Spinner
 PO Box 14191, Cincinnati OH 45250

If you have questions about services that I may be able to assist you with, please contact me today.

Thank you


Robert "DIY" Spinner I PO Box 14191 I Cincinnati OH 45250